Best Payment Gateways in Pakistan (2023) – The Ultimate Guide

8 Top Online Payment Gateways for E-Commerce in Pakistan in 2023

A payment gateway guarantees secure and efficient digital payment transactions. A list of Pakistani payment gateways that can assist merchants in accepting online payments has been compiled by us. Find the finest payment gateway by reading about FinTech and banking solutions.

Pakistan’s Digital Payments Market is Growing

Since the start of the pandemic, online payments and digital wallets have been more common in Pakistan. The estimated amount of digital payment transactions in Pakistan for 2022 is $8.13 billion USD, according to Statista. This is just the beginning as it is anticipated to expand at a rate of 16.80% per year from 2022 to 2027.

payment gateway in Pakistan

Pakistan’s internet commerce sector accounts for the largest portion of this. As of 2022, the US $7.48 billion transactional value share in the nation’s eCommerce market.

Best Payment Gateways For Pakistan E-Commerce Companies

payment gateway in Pakistan

With the growth of the eCommerce sector, there is a growing need for transaction processing that is both more accessible and safe. This has emerged as the core of eCommerce and is the main focus of both business owners and Pakistani consumers. To accept payments from their clients, online businesses including eCommerce stores, travel booking sites, and online reservations look for payment gateways in Pakistan.

The top payment gateways in Pakistan for 2022 eCommerce enterprises have been compiled by our team.

List of Pakistani Banks’ Managed Payment Gateways

For many people, a bank is the very first medium for trade and transactions. A list of reputable Pakistani banks that provide and facilitate online payment gateways is provided below.

Alfalah Bank Limited

payment gateway in Pakistan

Bank Alfalah is a market leader when we discuss payment gateways in Pakistan. Unquestionably, among Pakistan’s most ingenious and clever online payment processing solutions is being provided by the bank. Alfa Payment Gateway enables merchants to safely take online payments from customers all across the nation.

Principal Elements of Alfa Payment Gateway

  • No setup or yearly fee
  • platform compliant with PCI-DSS
  • For maximum security, use 3D Secure.
  • Instant merchant account and integration plugins
  • a special vendor dashboard with in-depth reporting
  • through the merchant portal, makes it easier to manage refunds and chargebacks online.
  • Customers have a multi-currency option to pay in their favorite currency.
  • There are 7 payment processors on board with Alfa Payment Gateway, including JazzCash and Easy paisa.
  • Without any integration, merchants can collect payments using the exclusive Pay by Link feature. This makes it Pakistan’s top payment gateway for businesses without websites or mobile apps. Merchants can accept payments from customers via links without any integration.

MCB Bank, Ltd.

payment gateway in Pakistan

One of the biggest private sector banks is MSC Bank, which has more than 1200 locations nationally. MCB also offers a secure payment gateway to help retailers and the eCommerce sector. The bank provides MCB eGate, a safe online card processing solution. It aims to provide retailers and consumers with a smooth online purchasing experience.
 Cardholders can make immediate purchases through the merchant’s website using MCB digital payment. A 3D secure solution is integrated into the digital payment service and is supported by MasterCard Internet Gateway Services (MIGs).

Key Features of MCB eGate

  • PCI-DSS compliant for optimal security
  • highest uptime for dependability
  • swift and simple integration procedure
  • a merchant portal that shows transaction information and history
  • Inspection and investigation of alleged fraudulent activity with
  • assistance from the Fraud Risk Management team
  • permanent local assistance

Habib Bank Ltd.

payment gateway in Pakistan

A notable commercial bank with a sizable customer base is Habib Bank Limited (HBL). The bank has a reputation for helping Pakistan’s unbanked people, and it is currently working to make digital payments easier.

With the help of HBL’s eCommerce Checkout Solution, businesses can go completely digital. To accept payments online, they can connect their Facebook stores, mobile apps, and online web stores. Debit, unionpay, MasterCard, and Visa cards are among the electronic payment methods that vendors can accept. This indicates that when customers use domestic or foreign credit cards on a vendor’s website, the seller will receive payment directly.

The 3D-Secure platform is used by HBL’s Internet Payment Gateway to increase the security of online transactions. The integrated fraud management tools that add an additional layer of security are more fascinating.

Features of the Internet Payment Gateway from HBL

  • a payment gateway that is PCI-DSS certified
  • simple to access a page or website
  • Accepting secure payments through websites and mobile applications
  • Direct deposit to an HBL account
  • a specific merchant portal that presents and makes functionality like transaction history, search, refunds, and reports available

(This implies that merchants are not dependent on outside Fraud Management Modules. Through more than 260 factors, including the user’s address, velocity, BIN, and IP, as well as device fingerprinting, the technology can assist vendors in identifying fraud trends. Large corporations around the world, including Virgin Airlines, Emirates Airlines, etc., use it.)

  • Vendors can brand their payment pages with their company’s logo, distinctive colors, headers, or footers to give clients a distinctive branded experience.
  • Customers can pay in their favorite currency thanks to support for many currencies.
  • Regular users of the service can access their information stream repeatedly thanks to the repeat transactions function.
  • Vendors have access to over 300 available fields for marketing analysis in order to create customized Customer Reports.

Bank United Limited

UBL payment gateway in Pakistan

United Bank Limited (UBL) is a significant player in the banking industry and offers an online payment gateway in Pakistan. In fact, the bank has been providing digital payments since 2013 and is a pioneer in the regional financial sector. Etisalat UAE also supports UBL’s digital payment system.

Vendors can conveniently accept online payments thanks to the UBL e-Commerce Payment Gateway. You can open a merchant account by signing up, and then you’ll be able to start accepting payments right away.

Key characteristics of the 3D Secure e-Commerce Payment Gateway for optimal security

  • Secure Platform PCI-DSS Certified
  • seamless adjusting with plugin integration
  • the payment page is improved to enhance user experience (desktop and mobile screens)
  • APIs and in-browser checkout guarantee a smooth purchasing experience.
  • 3DS Tokenization safely stores credit card data and offers protection against fraud risk exposure through Fraud Guard
  • There are numerous payment methods, including credit and debit cards and direct debit.
  • Vendors can accept online payments without integrating a payment gateway thanks to the cutting-edge payment solution known as e-Invoicing. For merchants that run online stores through social media, this is a very helpful tool.

Comparative Analysis of Banking Gateway Fees

Here is a list of charges and a comparison of the various Pakistani payment gateways.

Setup FeeNone50,00040,00040,000
Recurring Fee per Year40,00048,00040,00050,000
Transaction FeeNoneRs.15NoneNone
Discount Rate for Merchants2.5%2.8%2.5%3.5%

List of Pakistani FinTechs’ Managed Payment Gateways

When we discuss digital payments in Pakistan, banks aren’t the only choice. In Pakistan, there are a few FinTech businesses that offer reliable payment gateway services.

Jazz Cash

Jazzcash payment gateway in Pakistan

In Pakistan, JazzCash is without a doubt the most widely used online payment processor. For online transactions, it is well-liked by both individual users and small and medium-sized organizations. The JazzCash Company has experienced exponential growth over time, with over 10 million active monthly consumers.

The telecom provider Jazz is in charge of this FinTech payment channel (previously known as Mobilink). Businesses can use it for a seamless experience and a safe and secure online payment solution. Customers and vendors can set up accounts in a matter of minutes using their CNIC numbers and mobile numbers.

To accept payments, vendors can choose the JazzCash Corporate Package. If you wish to streamline the transaction procedure, you may also get a special QR code for your company. Businesses can send and receive payments using a variety of methods, including cards, mobile accounts, and direct debit options, using JazzCash.

Merchant Easy Paisa

Easypaisa payment gateway in Pakistan

Telenor introduced EasyPaisa, Pakistan’s first online payment system, in 2009. As of 2021, Easy Paisa had more than 25 million registered wallets and 8 million active users.

Users can transfer money in only a few minutes thanks to the service’s rapid access to dependable online banking services. In Pakistan, it is most frequently used as an online payment gateway for wage payments, cash management, and supply chain payments. This payment method is used by a number of significant businesses, including Seed Out, Daraz, Bykea, Hummart, and Ubar.

Easy Paisa offers straightforward integration and a straightforward registration portal. Its easy onboarding procedure and excellent customer support are what set it apart.

Payment Solution by Xpay

Xpay payment gateway in Pakistan

Xpay For all platforms. Xpay is an easy-to-use and secure omnichannel payment solution. It’s a focused service and conceivably the finest payment gateway for merchants and companies in Pakistan right now. For registration, you don’t need to go through a long process or give out extra information.

The solution enables integrated payments that function across all sales channels, and the onboarding process is simple and quick.

Since XPay has received PCI-DSS certification, you are protected by internationally recognized security standards. Your customer and financial data will continue to be safe and secure. Then, there are numerous payment alternatives, including BNPL, card, wallet, and bank transfer. But XPay’s charging practices may be its strongest asset.

There aren’t any additional costs for integration, and you just have to pay for what you use. You will therefore pay as you go using the usage-based pricing mechanism. It is the most effective payment gateway for businesses in Pakistan due to its end-to-end encryption and suspicious transaction detection capabilities.

Solution for bSecure Payment

bSecure payment gateway in Pakistan

Another one-click checkout option is offered by this fintech payment gateway. Additionally, it is a PCI-DSS certified solution that is simple to incorporate.

You can accept payments using a variety of techniques and the online payment system provides APIs for simple integration. bSecure’s costs vary depending on the needs of each organization. The company currently offers three pricing options: one-page, multi-page, and custom.

An Access Point For All Your Customer Needs: XPay Payment Solution

Payment gateways and digital solutions come with a number of risks. You must enhance the online consumer experience in addition to ensuring the security of the data. This is where XPay shines and provides you with the upper hand over your rivals.

XPay gives businesses access to:

  • modern administrative panel and user interface UI/UX\sBIN 
  • Based on reductions, but eliminating items that are on sale
  • Quick custom payment link for taking payments from your clients
  • Instantaneous full and partial refunds to your customers
  • Upon receiving settlement reports from your bank, mark them as settled.
  • Providing personalized date/time reports for reconciliation
  • keeping consumers informed via emails about payment status
  • Maintain a consistent perspective of all the payment methods.

Payment Gateway Integration for XPay

XPay has an edge over bank payment gateways and FinTech payment options thanks to integrations. In order to better serve their customers, vendors often link XPay with regional Pakistani banks.

Businesses can link all major banks, including HBL, Alfalah, Allied Bank, MCB, and more, with their websites, applications, and/or social media stores. Additionally, you may connect with Stripe, other global FinTech payment options, as well as regional FinTech’s like Easy Paisa and JazzCash.

Connecting XPay to eCommerce Platforms

Integration with external eCommerce systems is another distinguishing trait of XPay. Businesses can integrate XPay with their Magento or Shopify store, WordPress (Woo Commerce) website, or other e-commerce platforms. Any eCommerce platform may be quickly configured to work with XPay, and you can then begin taking payments in one or more of your chosen currencies.

Common Questions Regarding Payment Gateways

Faq of payment gateway in Pakistan

Which kind of payment works best for Shopify in Pakistan?

Shopify enables companies to take payments from clients in their native currency. You have access to a variety of digital payment options when you want to get paid in cash. However, XPay is now the finest among them. It is a PCI-DSS certified omnichannel payment solution that can be integrated with cards, mobile wallets, and other systems.

How may online payments be incorporated in Pakistan?

Through plugins and APIs, you can integrate online payments in Pakistan. Websites and mobile apps can often be integrated with almost all payment gateways.

The finest payment gateway in Pakistan is XPay if you’re seeking for a simple payment solution for all devices and channels, including social media.

Best online payment options outside of Pakistan

In Pakistan, the top choices for online foreign payments are:

  • Bank Alfalah
  • Limited by Habib Bank
  • MCB Bank
  • XPay
  • JazzCash
  • EasyPaisa


It could be difficult to find the best payment gateway in Pakistan that suits your company’s requirements. Because there are so many alternatives accessible, one could become overwhelmed by the features and intricacies. Therefore, we have only listed the top payment gateways available in Pakistan.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free, all-in-one payment gateway, XPay stands out from the competition. It is PCI-DSS certified and simple to integrate with third-party eCommerce systems, websites, mobile applications, and social networking pages. You will receive immediate notification anytime a transaction is completed or a payment is received, and your data will stay safe and secure.

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