Web design and web development are two closely related but distinct fields that are both essential for creating effective and engaging websites.

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Exceptional UX Designing with High-Performance in Mind

At Cofcode, we’re not just another Web Design Agency in the UK. We dive deep, crafting web spaces that do more than just look good. From the first pixel to the final line of code, our mission is to transform visitors into customers, every single time. When you partner with Cofcode, you choose expertise, quality, and a commitment to results. Why wait? Discover the Cofcode difference today.

Our responsive Web Design Services

UI/UX Services

To attract potential customers, it's crucial to have an excellent UX/UI on your website from the start. Cofcode team can help you deliver a positive experience and ensure that your website engages visitors from the get-go. Contact us today to improve your website's performance and create a lasting impression.

Page Design & Optimization

Maximize sales and revenue with Cofcode expert landing page design service. Our team can optimize your website's crucial landing pages for high-quality leads and growth. Trust us to help you increase conversions and drive revenue growth. Contact us today to get started. We are waiting for you.

Corporate Design & Branding

At Cofcode, we're convinced that powerful branding paired with stellar design sets the foundation for any thriving business. As a leading Responsive Web Design Agency, we blend these ingredients to forge a brand identity that resonates and ensures customers remember and return to you. Trust our specialists to elevate your presence and amplify your business growth.

Custom WordPress Web Design

Creating a website for your business can be daunting, but Cofcode makes it easy with our WordPress development services. We have extensive experience creating websites that deliver tangible results, guaranteed. Trust us to build your business a WordPress website that achieves its online goals

Custom Mobile Friendly Websites

To succeed online, having a mobile-optimized website is crucial. Cofcode, a UK-based web design company, can help you create a mobile-friendly website that looks great and works seamlessly on all devices. Trust us to optimize your website for mobile and help you reach your audience effectively.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Cofcode's conversion rate optimization helps turn your website into a high-performing sales machine. Our cutting-edge techniques and innovative tools optimize your website's design, content, and functionality for maximum conversions. Trust us to transform your online storefront into a thriving sales engine.

Ecommerce Web Design

A great ecommerce website can be the difference between success and failure. Cofcode has over 5 years of experience in website development, working with businesses across the country to create ecommerce sites that drive sales and encourage repeat business.

Shopify Web Design

Cofcode experts have years of experience working with Shopify. We can create a unique website for your eCommerce business that saves time and money, without the need for custom web design. Trust us to deliver the results you need to

Website Support

Cofcode offers global website maintenance services to keep your site secure and effective. Our experienced team provides monthly, hourly, after-hours, or project-based maintenance. Contact us today to keep your website running

Do You Have a Custom Website Design Project in Mind?

Discover top-notch website design solutions with Cofcode, your go-to Responsive Web Design Agency not just in the UK but extending its expertise globally. Book a chat to delve into your project specifics, or allow us to assess your existing website, pinpointing avenues for enhancement meticulously.

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Narina Arushanova
Narina Arushanova
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I have hire a lot of persons in Upwork, however this is the best. They complete all my job with everything and i need, even more. They give more recomendations, they make extra job. If i have an urgent issue at any time, he was available and solve right now.
Tian Kang
Tian Kang
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Very satisfied with Cofcode! They executed my project perfectly and in a timely manner and went out of their way to help me with things I couldn't do on my own. They were very patient answering all my question and made sure that I am happy with their work. I recommend Cofcode and Muhammad without hesitation and I will definitely use their expertise again as they are one of my favorite freelancer on Upwork now.
Blair Golson
Blair Golson
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Cofcode is very professionnal, They really understand my need and work really fast on these project. We had serevals complication but they faced them and gave me solution what was really appreciate. Among 50 proposals received when i posted my add they were the only one that i felt understood my needs and take time to review my old website. He proposed me a theme that match perfectly my need and even develops other options. He also spent more time than expected and was completely dedicated to this project. I of course recommanded to work with them for website projects, you won't be disppointed

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Social media marketing:
A genuinely exceptional opportunity to interact directly with your customers is provided by social media. Our team will utilize the platforms that are most appropriate
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Email marketing:
Statistics show that an email marketing investment of $1 results in a return on investment of $36. We use email campaigns to their full potential to boost sales for your company.
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Reputation management:
Accountability and transparency are values we uphold. Because of this, we only accept new clients if we can demonstrate through statistics accountability.
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How Much Does a High-Performance Website Design Service Cost?

    • Professional web design ($100-$2000): Basic, simple website design for small businesses or individuals.
    • More qualified web design ($5000-$10,000): Higher-end website design for businesses needing a sophisticated online presence.
    • Custom complex website ($10,000+): Fully customized website design for large businesses or organizations with complex needs.

How we work with you

Every mock-up, prototype, and design iteration includes your insights, ensuring you remain integral to the design journey. We believe in the power of collaboration; hence, our responsive web design services team encourages consistent dialogue with you. This mutual understanding helps refine designs, ensuring your website reflects your vision.

Blueprinting with Wireframes

Having deeply understood your brand, market dynamics, and aims, we sketch your site’s architecture using wireframes. This crucial stage drives significant decisions, guaranteeing each webpage caters to the user’s expectations.

Bringing Your Identity to Life

With your green light, we infuse life into the wireframes by integrating real content, vibrant colour palettes, and visual assets. Whether adapting to existing brand guidelines or forging a new path, our vision remains flexible to your input, ensuring a harmonious design journey.

Crafting & Implementation

The transition from design to digital is a dance between our design and development squads. Your project is sculpted to mirror design precision and peak functionality. After rigorous internal evaluations, it proceeds to our Quality Assurance team for final checks, prepping for a flawless launch.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Web Design Services

Project costs vary based on several factors including your business goals and website functionality, technical features, turnaround time, and more. Average costs for high-performance web design:

  • $100+ for informational websites
  • $5,000+ for e-commerce websites
  • $10,000+ for more complex websites

The frequency of website redesigns can vary depending on your industry and target audience. At Cofcode, we generally recommend a website redesign or “facelift” every two years to keep your site looking fresh and relevant. If your website was well-built from the start, you may only need minor adjustments to ensure that your brand, team, services, products, and relevant information are accurately reflected. Regular performance checks are also important to ensure that your website is loading quickly and functioning smoothly overall.

While the lower cost of website templates may seem appealing to some companies, particularly those just starting out, they often come with limitations. As businesses grow and evolve, they may find themselves limited by the constraints of a template and unable to make necessary changes. In contrast, custom websites are tailored to fit your specific business objectives and can provide better results for your marketing efforts. By building a website that aligns with your goals and needs, you can ensure a scalable and effective digital presence.

Here at Cofcode, we understand that choosing the right platform is crucial for the success of your website design project. That’s why we take the time to work closely with you and your stakeholders to identify the platform that best fits your unique needs. We exclusively work with platforms that are widely adopted by web design firms globally, ensuring that they are continually updated and maintained by their original developers. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your website will be built on a solid foundation.

First on your “to-do list” is to clearly define your project objectives. This means mapping out your primary business goals. It’s also important to how your web designer’s process works. Have the agency walk you through that process, step by step. Lastly, work together with your web design team on identifying the resources they need from you to start your project (i.e., high-resolution images, logos, written copy, etc.).

Yes, a freelancer will charge less money than a full-service agency, but often, an independent contractor’s capabilities are limited and the final product will suffer as a result. Worst, the website may very well end up costing you more in the long-run. Our expert team comprises website designers, coders, project managers, testers, copywriters and marketers because that’s what high-performance projects require. A professional website design firm will have the talent, experience and manpower needed to design a modern website according to industry best practices. A professional firm will customize your website’s functionality and build it for SEO and to perform highly specialized tasks. All of these components are required for your website to deliver increased and traffic and in turn, meaningful financial benefits.

We always recommend regularly assessing your site performance and making important adjustments as needed. As technology improves, so, too, must your website performance. So whether it’s through tweaking SEO, enhancing your UX, or adding new, third-party integrations, be sure you are working with a team that will take care of your site not just in the near, but also in the long-term.


Reach out to us to schedule your free, no-obligation evaluation of your existing website.

  • Website load speed
  • An overview of Google Analytics
  • Heat Mapping
  • User Experience
  • Conversion rate (to assess how well your goods or services are selling)

Following the assessment, we will provide a free high-level web design plan.

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